Hurricane season typically runs from June 1 through November 30th. The best source of protection that you have is to be prepared — have a plan!

Here are some tips for advance preparation:

  • Sign up for all online banking services as well as express telephone services to have immediate access to your account(s). A member service representative would be happy to help you get set up. Our app name is "MCTCU", and our 24/7 automated teller number is 409-726-2300.
  • Know your account number(s) and MCT's routing number "313187649" to ensure accuracy on ACH and/or Direct Deposit transactions.
  • Have extra cash on hand. Withdrawing ahead of time saves the headache of finding an ATM/Shared Branch while you are traveling.
  • Locate a Shared Branch from our Shared Branch Network where you can conduct transactions for your MCT account(s) near your evacuation site. You can easily access your MCT account(s) at more than 5,000 credit union locations across the country. It is like having a branch around every corner! To find a location near you, visit or call 888-748-3266.
  • A credit card could help you if an evacuation is prolonged and expenses increase. Apply as soon as possible to ensure you would receive the card in time.
  • Make sure the credit union has updated email and mailing addresses for you.
  • Remember to pack any and all important documents (birth certificates, social security cards, passports, etc.)
  • Check your Safe Deposit Box before you leave to ensure you have anything you may need. Remember to bring your Safe Deposit Box key with you when you evacuate.
  • Refer to our website and social media pages on a regular basis as we will communicate anything you need to know.


  • Will I have access to cash while the credit union is closed?
    • You can continue to use your debit/ATM cards as usual, as well as access a Shared Branch if needed.
  • Will I receive my Direct Deposit?
    • Your deposits should post as normal, in most cases.
  • How will I know when the credit union will reopen?
    • We will post updates on our website and social media pages as we have them available. Please refer to the sites often.
  • What happens to my loan payments that are due?
    • If you are unable to make your normal payments, please alert the credit union immediately. We will serve members based on their individual needs.
  • Is my Safe Deposit Box safe?
    • Our Safe Deposit Boxes are not waterproof. We recommend purchasing waterproof bags to place your contents in ahead of time, or taking them with you in the event of a storm.
  • Will any credit union staff be working?
    • The safety of our employees is very important to us. As soon as it is safe to conduct business, even if limited, employees will return to work to serve our membership. This will be determined depending on the severity of the storm and the available access to the branches. Refer to our website and social media pages for updates on this information.