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Keep a little more cash in your pocket during the holidays with MCT’s Skip-A-Pay program.

How to skip your December 2021 loan payment*:

Apply here, call us at 409-727-1446, or visit your nearest branch once your November payment has been made.

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All Real Estate related loans and Commercial loans do not qualify for the December Skip-A-Pay option. Eligible Loans –In order to qualify for the December 2021 Skip-A-Pay, all loan payments must be current prior to midnight November 30, 2021 and each loan must have a minimum of six monthly payments (principal & interest) already posted to the loan. The December 2021 skipped payment(s) will revert to the end of the loan term and will consist of the principal balance and accrued interest at that time. If approved, you understand that the normal payment and due date will resume January 2022. MCT Credit Union reserves the right to decline skip payment requests at our discretion. If your loan payment(s) are currently setup with payroll deduction, automatic pay or from a different financial institution, please contact our office to setup your skipped payment(s). If you have elected Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) insurance on your collateralized loan, participation in this program may affect the benefit you receive should you need to file a claim. For further details, please contact your Member Service Representative.