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When you save your money at MCT Credit Union, you are actually purchasing shares of a financial institution that you, your colleagues, and family members own. Opening a Membership Share Savings Account establishes your membership with MCT Credit Union and gives you access to all of our other great products. Learn more about membership.

Whether you’re saving for a rainy day or something more specific, we make it easy to keep your nest egg growing with fewer fees and better rates.

  • Minimum opening deposit: $25
  • Minimum balance: $25
  • Competitive fixed dividend rate
  • Balance can be used as collateral for a Share Loan
  • Free online and mobile banking

You can have your pay directly deposited into your account if your employer provides Direct Deposit.


Current Rates

Account TypeDividend Rate*APY*
Membership Share Savings Account0.25%0.25%


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